Sweats, Sweets, & Savannah


October 13th, 2017, I was leaving and saying my final goodbye to my best friend and my job that I fell in love with. I never thought I would make this many friends or even the job for that matter. I had no intention of moving to Texas and being really upset when I had to leave. I was ready to be back home with my family, so I knew God has his own plan for me.

October 31st 2017, It was our last night in Fort Hood, Texas and it was bittersweet. I couldnt stop thinking about everything I had left behind and wasnt sure If I had made the right decision. My husband was supportive of it all, but he was wanting to make sure this is something we both wanted. It was too late, and we were committed to being Georgia Bound.

My last weekend was one of the best I had in Texas, seeing as it was the weekend before Halloween, we had big plans! We spent time at a haunted house and went ate mexican food. I was getting really upset that the fact this was it, and I was leaving my friends behind that I considered family.

November 1st, 2017. We moved to Fort Stewart, GA & I knew that this was going to be different. It was nothing like Texas and the people were not the same. I wasnt sure if we made the right decision about moving back. I lost one of my best friends that I thought I would never see again. She called me every day and kept in touch, even though we never thought we would never see each other again!

We finally planned a trip and she was making her way to Georgia! She had never flown before, and she was scared to death! I was with her spiritually, even though on the day of her flight, her flight was delayed for 2 hours. Bless her heart!


Her plane was delayed for 2 hours, and going into the opposite direction to her gate, she finally made it to Georgia!! I was so excited that after 8 in a half months, she was here!

I had so much planned for us, and I could not wait to show her where I lived and what I get to experience on a daily basis! I was so happy that I finally had someone that I was sharing an apartment with, muchless coming home to silence every day. The first morning here, we slept in past 6:30 am (thank god!) and got dressed to go to Tybee Island! The beaches are beautiful and the sand will blind you.


Tybee Island is one of the most beautiful beaches I had ever visited, and I was so excited to show her. It was over 90 degrees with heat index of 106. I felt a little weird, but I wasnt going to let that ruin this trip. The humdity was relentless, but it was worth it. Walking along the beach, I was thankful for the time I was getting off work and getting to spend time with my friend who I had not seen for a long time. I just wanted to make sure this was a trip was amazing and it something I needed to conquer this deployment.


Walking along the beach, we were both starving even though we had eaten a little bit of breakfast. I needed some real food, and greasy. The snack bars on Tybee were always amazing from what I heard, so why not? we grabbed a hot dog and I apparently looked at the hot dog like it was my lover.


I was full and ready to go do some shopping even after sweating bullets for the last hour or so. I definitely took advantage of working in the AC at work, and I was feeling a little funny after eating the hot dog shortly after. After the short stay on Tybee and doing a little shopping, we took off to our dolphin tour that was planned for 3:30 that day. I had never experienced one, so this was a first for me.

36025489_10160413706710705_866045851334606848_o 36062911_10160413705385705_4005200721715658752_oMikes Dolphin Tour in Tybee Island was absolutely amazing and I was not disappointed in my experience. The tour guide, Amanda, was incredible and I learned so many facts about dolphins and even Tybee Island itself. Did you know Tybee Island has the smallest AND the tallest Lighthouses in Georgia? Neither did I. Pretty Neat right? We had the best seats in the house and saw so many dolphins in the process. If you see a dolphin with a baby, you automatically realize its the mama seeing as the mama is teaching the baby how to hunt and breathe. I loved this dolphin tour and something I was so happy I got to experience. This was Kim’s second, and I’m so happy it turned out the way it did. After the dolphin tour, we were so tired. It was hot, and had been sweating the entire day. After the tour, we needed some good seafood to go along with seeing the dolpins, it seemed only fitting. My favorite seafood restaurant, Joe’s Crab Shack.

35973150_2100109796927134_1513701557789523968_o 35517496_2100109326927181_8316723102302076928_o The food was mouth watering, and the waitress was so sweet. This is some of the best seafood I have ever eaten. Kim definitely approved seeing as if she ate a little more than I did (haha 😉 ) She purchased a drink that was a little strong for my taste, but it was memories I will never forget! After eating, we purchased a small bag of alligator food to feed the gators within the restaurant. It was a fun experience and I could not stop laughing the whole time. We went home that night to change our clothes and make our way to River Street.

35836869_2100257610245686_1000418481625104384_oWe arrived at River Street around 7:30 and we were still tired, but there was so much to experience. We went to River Street Sweets, and bought some of their famous Pralines and my personal favorite, Gophers. I was in a chocolate coma and never been so stuffed. We walked off our food and chocolate and shopped until our feet was completely sore. The views were beautiful and I was so happy. 35986686_10160414052550705_746798622686838784_o








On Friday, Kim’s 2nd day here, we went and done what most girls would do on a crazy vacation.We got matching tattoos! She is considered a long distance best friend, so it only made sense. Maybe, it wasnt the best choice of placement, but we made it work! It was our 3rd tattoo and I’m sure many more to come. I’m incredibly thankful for our friendship, and so glad I came in contact with her. 35972619_10160417418790705_7306955602155012096_o

Saturday, it was a little more chill. We went back to River Street to do more shopping and eat a little more seafood before she flew back to the Lonestar state. We had to make sure the last day went out with a bang! We had gotten matching tattoos so there was only one more thing we needed….

36189126_10160419308115705_4053164438281256960_o  “Dont Give up. I believe in you all. A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

— Dr. Seuss




We had so many comments on our shirts (Trouble 1 & Trouble 2). We would get questions, “so whos the most trouble?” and we would both point at each other just the same. I had not laughed this much in a long time, and it was medicine for me to start living happier. This trip was not wasted at all, and wished she could have stayed longer. Life happens, and we all must get back to reality at some point. 35988489_10160422280885705_8137592583460225024_oThe next day, 4:30 got here early and I was barely getting out of bed. I was not ready for this trip to be over, but work is important and bills have to be paid. At 5:30 AM, She was off to security and I stood back and watched. It was sad to see her leave, but I knew I would see her again soon!




This deployment has not been easy for me, and I was so happy to know I could use a few days to spend time with good friends to have a distraction. I had never been so excited about someone coming to see me and I didnt want her to leave. I’m extremely thankful for her friendship and everything she has done for me!


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Hi, I'm Jennifer. I'm a military spouse living life with my wonderful husband. I'm a southern belle at heart, as of right now, our lives are every where in needs of the Army. I have a four year bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration. I love life and the outdoors. I miss my family every single day, but I love the military wife lifestyle. I'm quite a bookworm and I love every minute of it.

5 thoughts on “Sweats, Sweets, & Savannah”

  1. This is so random and I know we’ve interacted on here before but go figure – this is our second time stationed at stewart! There are so many places you haven’t seen yet! If you want some recommendations let me know!!😊


      1. There is Tybee (that of which you have discovered!) St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island, and Sapelo. Jacksonville is about 1.5 hours to 2 hrs away. Colingy Beach in NC and Bluffton (shopping, beaches and more) about 45 minutes based off of how close you live to Hinesville or Richmond Hill… there is a lot. Atlanta and Fort Benning about 4 hour drive… Tell me some things you’re into!


      2. I love river street! It’s my favorite. We’ve been Tybee, I’ve been to Jekyll, St. Simons but not much of South Carolina. I don’t really do much as I should since my work schedule is so crazy!

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      3. Trust me! I know the feeling! I try to pack a lot into the weekends as I work on Hunter AAF! Try Jacksonville and Atlanta when you have free time or when hubby is back on R&R. I’m sure you’ll love it!!


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