10 Things To Know About Me.

This Is Me. 

I’ve told you everything from the beginning of my military lifestyle with my husband, well now you should get to know who I really am. I have 10 little things that you should know about me and my life.

I’m Jennifer. 

1.) I grew up in a small little town that people barely see on a map.

2.) I have an older brother that is 7 years older than me, even though we werent that close when we grew up.


3.) I used to dance, cheerlead, and throw the baton in the air when I was a little girl.

4.) I quit being a little prissy girl, and turned into a tomboy when I was 8 years old and began playing softball.


5.) I’ve traveled outside of the United States 4 times to The Bahamas twice, Jamaica, and The Dominican Republic.


6.) I was married to my best friend at a young age, and I’ve never wanted anything less.


7.) My husband and I bought our first apartment in 2014.


8.) I have a Bachelors of Science in Healthcare Administration degree that I have obtained for almost 3 years, and barely been able to truly use it to my advantage.


9.) The first time I ever moved away from my parents was May 2015 to the state of Texas, the night after my college graduation.


10.) We finally moved back closer to home to Fort Stewart, GA in November 2017.


You know just a little about me. What’s something interesting about you? 


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Hi, I'm Jennifer. I'm a military spouse living life with my wonderful husband. I'm a southern belle at heart, as of right now, our lives are every where in needs of the Army. I have a four year bachelor degree in Healthcare Administration. I love life and the outdoors. I miss my family every single day, but I love the military wife lifestyle. I'm quite a bookworm and I love every minute of it.

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